Environmental Monitoring of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facilities

by Sunil Agrawal 

Problem Area

One of our clients, a pharmaceutical giant in USA, were looking for a application to monitor the microorganisms present in the environment, and also wanted to perform the trend analysis on collected data as it involved lots of calculations that were being carried out on manually on excel and was prone to errors.


The environment monitoring application, developed on kriya not only helped the company to monitor the environment but also allowed them to perform the trend analysis on collected data as well as store the data with its respective analysis for future references.

How Environment Analysis tool helped the Pharma Company to increase their accuracy to 95%, by transferring their environment monitoring from EXCEL by automating it with help of kriya.


  • kriya helps to collect the data through various methods
  • User can do multiple tests of same method as and when required without any frequency(daily, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly,etc) restrictions
  • Trend Analysis of collected data can be done as per the tenure required by users
  • Test approval/review Workflows can be configured or modified as per process or user requirement
When Mr Smith (Name Changed) Head, Microbiology Lab, started looking for the the tools in market it was a very huge task to find even a single environment monitoring software that was a right fit for his company and their requirements.

Mr Smith Says "We were facing challenges in even finding a tool made for this specific function. Although, there are many tools for data collection and monitoring, but, those were very difficult to use and didn't had any sort of approval/review functions, which is the foremost requirement of any foreign drug administration organizations like FDA”

Earlier, these type of data was maintained in Excels and as per Mr. Smith "I spent first 6 months of my job after joining this organisation in creating a single excel, which could collect the data and perform trend analysis". Employee used to spend maximum time in either creating excel sheets and then juggle with formulas to fetch the required trend analysis.

Mr Smith (laughs) adds "Now when a new employee joins our team, we don't need to explain them the excel. Secondly, the report can be fetched within a minute which make internal and external audit faster and smoother".

The tool is now used by every member of their Microbiology lab, and helps them to track and monitor their environment in a more efficient manner, without consuming much time and efforts.