Implement Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) using Kriya

by Nikita Pandey 

Problem Area

A machine manufacturing company was having a lot of delay in FAT process due to it's long untraceable approval process. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is a major project milestone in a project where the equipment and/or system integrator demonstrates that the system design and manufacturing meets the contract or Purchase Order (P.O.) specifications (derived from the Functional Requirements Document (FRD), created by the system owner/project manager/project team). Delay in such processes impacts the cost of the project as well as hampers/delays the production.


kriya came to the rescue when we demonstrated our client how they can move away from regular manual approval processes over mails and bring accountability on the stakeholders for delays.

"How kriya helped the Manufacturing Company to decrease the TAT of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) process by 80% and process Compliance to 100%"


  • With dynamic form features, FAT processes can be created for any kind of machine
  • Workflows can be configured or modified as per process or user requirement
  • kriya allows users to track exactly where the process are stuck and where are the delay.
  • Business process can be configured within minutes and deployed for use
  • kriya allows you to publish your forms on your website and portal itself, hence making it economically viable even for the companies having huge customer base.
Mr Vikash (Name Changed) Plant Head,is a Plant Head for a well known Machine Manufacturing company, and was really worried due to the lack of accountability and visibility of in the FAT approvals.

Mr Vikash Says " FAT processes are very specific to a company and that's where kriya was a perfect solution for us as it allowed us to maintain our existing forms and process with better visibility for everyone, and with a mobile application in place, it is more adaptable with senior management as well"

Now all the FAT data recording and approvals are mandatory to be approved in kriya, eliminating fear of lost communications and increasing visibility of the process

Mr Vikash adds "Any new member can easily get the summary of what is happening on a project without help an employee explaining or briefing him/her on the project."

kriya keeps reminding users and the supervisors about the actions that they need to take with its escalation and reminder notifications at work