Document Management System for a Pharma Manufacturing Company

by Sunil Agrawal 

Problem Area

A Pharma manufacturing company two peculiar requirement out of many to collaborate the documents among their employees and business partners(vendors). One of the requirements was to create an electronic document room to share the agreements with their vendors but due to their policy they required a solution which allows them to share the agreement documents with vendors, but vendors should not be able to download it. This was very critical requirement due to compliances they had to meet In another requirement by their marketing team, marketing team wanted to share product brochures and campaign details to their external consultants for a limited time. Current mechanism of sharing such documents through emails had challenges as wrong documents were getting shared and once the document was shared they had no control over the document.


greenbox was able to address their problem area with key features limiting the way documents are shared by business users without involving their IT team. In greenbox user can share a document with other users and also limit the actions shared user can do with the document. Legal team removed download and print rights before sharing the documents securing the documents to comply the company policy and still let vendors view and go through the agreements.

greenbox has external sharing feature with expiry date configurable while sharing. This feature made sure the documents were sure for desired time and they user did not had to remove the sharing or the document manual when not required to be shared

"How greenbox helped the pharmaceutical company to meet compliance and yet speed up the document sharing and collaboration with their vendors"


  • Legal team was able to share documents with their vendors with due diligence of compliance.
  • Legal team was able to share the documents with required limit such that vendor was able to view the agreement but was not able to copy/download/print the document.
  • Marketing team was able to share the document with external marketing vendors with out having to create their users in the system.
  • Marketing team was able to apply the expiry date during which the documents would available to vendors
Mr Arun (Name Changed) Legal Advisor, is a part of legal of a well-known Pharmaceutical company and was very concerned to share the document meeting their compliance (NDA) requirement.

Mr Arun Says "It was a big dilemma, how to share the document and still limit the users not to download or print the same to please the company policy and compliance.
Once we started using greenbox, this problem was address as users were able to share the document restricting the right to download and print the document, greenbox has a proprietor document viewer due to which we are assured that the documents were not getting saved in any cache or local system risking the compliance."

Mr. Pankaj from their marketing also shared a happy note as his marketing team was able to share the product details and offers to their external marketing vendors and documents expired on its own. Happy note said "When my team shared the document to external vendors, they are able to set the date and time after which the document would expire for the external marketing vendor. This solution was great relief for the team that documents were not used beyond the campaign period defined by their team."