10 Key Components of a Document Management System

by Nikita Pandey 

It’s fair to say that the last thing an organization would want is to cringe seeing their employees spend valuable time filing and looking for paper-based documents. Modern economy has a lot to do with technology. With a labor-intensive workplace going out of fashion and automation taking over, the ‘Document Management System’ has emerged as a key component in every domain of technological advancement.

What is Document Management System?

Document Management System is a software that enables an enterprise into becoming a paperless system and transforming its physical information into a digital record sheet. The system helps in storing, tracking, retrieving and managing documents while having centralized access. The digital tool comes with multiverse features that guarantee complete safety, confidentiality, storing and restoring, optimization, mobilization, and authorization of the documents, making it time and cost-efficient.

Why Document Management System?

DMS provides flexibility to the business process, making the structure of the business independent. Document Management System provides functionality directly to other applications, enabling users to retrieve data, make changes and save it back to the central repository. The transparent nature of the software provides a clear flow of the operations letting concerned people in the organization know of their routine tasks. Needless to say that the utility tool makes the operation within the company time and cost-efficient. However, choosing or selecting the right DMS is a task that needs a fair bit of research.

Take a look at some of the most important components of the Document Management system

  • Indexing - Document indexing directs the user to a specific file or a document in case he wants to track or retrieve them. The process helps him save his valuable time. Good quality indexing plays an important role in maintaining a successful DMS.
  • Integration - DMS is an independent platform for business organizations. However, its integration becomes easy with any third-party solutions that are used regularly as essential business elements.
  • Metadata - Metadata is basically data that provides information about other data. In order to track or retrieve data, DMS extracts the metadata from the document. In case of unavailability of the metadata, the DMS prompts the user to add the metadata.
  • Storage - Storage is a repository that stores electronic documents. The documents are moved from one media storage to another depending upon their usage in various processes.
  • Workflow - Workflow automation releases the burden of the manual process and digitizes everything. Different workflows can be managed separately in accordance with their needs in different departments. Take a look at five widely-used workflow automation in enterprises.
  • Collaboration - Collaboration in DMS is majorly about access and authorization. The feature allows multiple users to view, store, retrieve, share and edit the document. However, access can be blocked to certain users while the document is being worked on. Access to documents can selectively be allowed or denied.
  • Versioning - Documents require update time and again. The process allows users to retrieve older versions of the document and continue working from a central system.

Users are generally bumped with so many questions about the document in need that they tend to lose concentration and end up mismanaging their valuable time in an attempt to find solutions to all their document-related problems. Now that we’ve realized how important it is to streamline all the necessary documentation in a way that they provide easy flow of data within the organization, let us shed some light on Greenbox - a standout document management system studded with a host of top-notch utility features.

Web-based platform

The application is a web-based platform with a user-friendly interface that allows the user access to a variety of features like unlimited folders and subfolders, universal content search, Solr OCR/text search inside an image, document versioning and restoration, granular access control and advanced document control feature.

Organized digital documentation

Manual efforts are insufficient in organizing the documents and managing the flow of data. Greenbox manages the documents intelligently by assorting the data categorically on the basis of priority. The DMS stores the data in the central repository which can be found or retrieved on the basis of metadata search, file search, text search or OCR i.e. Optical Character Recognition.

Security control

One of the most critical features the Greenbox provides is data security. With data encryption, the complete safety of the document is guaranteed. Other security features include permission-based access control, document activity log, file locking, reset account access and data compression and encryption.

Why a quick deployable DMS like the Greenbox is the need of an hour?

The fact that a lot of industry heavyweights who have been successfully using the Document Management System were initially reluctant to introduce the software in the organization. The reason being was they didn’t want to lag behind with productivity due to the time-consuming procedure called deployment. However, the deployment of Greenbox is way too easy and the user does not lose on the valuable time during the transition.

A global survey of workers and IT professionals in 2012 by IDC revealed that document challenges account for 21.3 percent of productivity loss. From the sales deck to contracts to proposals, all your business data hold massive importance to you. To organize or streamline the host of documents is humanly impossible. This is where Greenbox comes into action. Greenbox is a properly structured and easy-to-execute software that is designed to simplify the otherwise complicated operations. It lets you configure workflows in accordance with your plan of action. Few of Greenbox’s most notable feature is its impeccable customer service management, smart handling of metadata and its attractive price bracket. With so many features against such an attractive price, it’s time we switch to Greenbox: our one-stop tool that manages every document-related task.